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Skip over navigation nyumc home | department of radiology home e-mail page | print page directory | contact   home   colon cancer traditionalscreening virtualcolonoscopy what is virtual colonoscopy? Why use virtual colonoscopy? Bowel preparation distension of the colon data acquisition data interpretation techniques potential clinical role failed colonoscopy evaluation of colon beyond lesion contraindications current clinical results screening future of colonoscopy video faculty/cme   research advances research overview recent publications recent lectures schedule and prepare for an exam what is virtual colonoscopy? order viagra Virtual colonoscopy is an evolving non-invasive imaging technique that allows doctors to detect colorectal polyps (growths) and cancers. viagra daily canada Conventional (left) and virtual (right) colonoscopy images of the same pedunculated polyp in the sigmoid colon. viagra daily canada Currently, most centers that perform virtual colonoscopy use computed tomography (ct) to obtain images (1). viagra samples online With ct, a three-dimensional picture of part of the body is put together from a number of cross-sectional x-ray images. In europe and several centers in the united states, some investigators are using magnetic resonance imaging (mri) for virtual colonoscopy (2). Mri uses radio waves to induce nuclear magnetic resonance in the atoms of the body and produces computerized images of the inside of the body. natural herbs similar to viagra A potential advantage of mr imaging is that it doesn't expose the patient to ionizing radiation, as ct does. viagra pills for sale in uk However, the amount of radiation used in ct for virtual colonoscopy can be substantially lower than the amount used for routine abdominal and pelvic ct (3). In either case, whether ct or mr is used, certain common characteristics of virtual colonoscopy exams have emerged since the procedure was first performed in 1994 (4).   resources department of radiology home research advances continuing medical education contact us faculty opportunities | administration | ethics | disclaimer | privacy policy | sitemap | contact webmaster nyu langone medical center / school of medicine | 530 first avenue, new york, ny 10016 | (212) 263-7300 © 2005 nyu medical center / last updated: 11/15/2010. buy viagra online Owel cancer developing and, if bowel cancer is present within the polyp, may even be curative. viagra orodispersible wo kaufen Virtual colonoscopy (up to 20 minutes) a simple ct scan, taking just 20 minutes. how long does it take viagra to start working This will take place at a scanning centre. buy viagra on line without prescription You can find out more by downloading our virtual colonoscopy information sheet (pdf, 58kb). buy viagra cheap Follow-up consultation (up to 15 minu. buy viagra